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Fury v Wilder Writeup

Tyson Fury Defeats Deontay Wilder With Incredible Knockout In World Heavyweight Title Fight For The Ages

Tyson Fury Defeats Deontay Wilder With Incredible Knockout In World Heavyweight Title Fight For The Ages

Tyson Fury has successfully defended his WBC Heavyweight title after an exhilarating 11 round bout against challenger Deontay Wilder. Fury finished the challenger at 1:10 in the 11th with a savage left right combo that saw the knockout blow delivered with the force you’d expect from a heavyweight champion.

Fury remains undefeated in his pro career with an impressive 31-0-1 record while this makes for Wilder’s 2nd career defeat. Fury himself said the fight “will go down in history as a great fight” and that “I’m the WBC champion, the Ring Champion, and the lineal champion. Don’t ever doubt me. When the chips are down, I will deliver.”

With this victory Tyson Fury has immortalised himself as one of the boxing world’s greats, giving spectators arguably one of the best fights ever seen on The Strip.

Things kicked off with the usual pageantry, with Wilder not fazed at all by Fury’s attempts to taunt him at the weigh-in and press conference. He stoically said “when I’m calm, I can make the best decisions possible.”

Fury took the other path, likening the fight to a pantomime show, “like Broadway in Las Vegas”. In that regard the pre-fight ring walks did not disappoint with both showing up theatrically in ornate costumes including Fury dressing as a Roman Centurion while singing and dancing to AC/DC.

With the frivolities out of the way the two squared off in a rematch the boxing world has waited almost 2 years for. Wilder kicked things off with an aggressive bid to assert early dominance, using his powerful right hand to put Fury on the defensive. Despite this, Fury managed to land the first major hit when knocking his rival down with a powerful right hand in the 3rd round.

Wilder responded with a counter-offensive that saw him push Fury back and forth on the ropes as he fought to regain the initiative. Wilder continued to test Fury’s mettle and endurance as he sought desperately to finish the fight while he had the advantage.

Still, Fury held on, using his fearsome jab and powerful right hand to give himself some breathing space. With the scales somewhat levelled, Fury was able to get back into the contest while constantly weary of the raw power of Wilder.

Following a couple of heavy blows to his opponent’s head, Fury began to really let his substantial weight advantage and ring-craft ability work for him as he drained his rival’s strength while wearing him down further with every combo.

Approaching the 10th it was clear how this was going to end and Fury did not hesitate to floor Wilder with a powerful right club. Astonishingly, Wilder got up from this massive blow but was not to be so lucky in the 11th. The defending champion floored him with a textbook combo and the ref called it there before Wilder had landed.

Wilder took his defeat in an unsportsmanlike manner, which is unfortunately not off-brand for the American challenger. He exited rapidly and did not acknowledge his rival’s successful defense of his title. Fury himself put it best when saying “He’s got no love for me, Deontay Wilder. You know why? Because I beat him three times.” is powered by and provides free picks and tips across the globe, stay tuned for regular tips and updates.

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